Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MailBox Support? Forgot Password?

Hey Guys..
Here's the story.. We all create mailbox on different servers depending about our social network n compatibility. But lemme tell you one thing today their support is rely crappy. I know they should be secure enough to protect your mailbox from being attacked by hackers and in this case spams I must say. But then what if I did forget my password and secret question and this was my 1st mail box so the alternate mailbox is out of question. Yes this is what has happened with my Yahoo mailbox. Some of us have a habit of creating mailbox with same name on different servers so do I and hence its getting on my nerves since I can't access the mailbox. I am even ready to pay for the services or the mailbox. I have tried enough since long and finally thought to vent out my feeling on this public portal. I would be glad if some1 does make a note of this and device some better way of maintaining the Mailboxes.

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