Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Story Of "0 && 1" part 1

Heloo Every1,
I have been keen since Bachpan how the green lookin mother boards do work. What intelligence is stored in them that makes them capable of running a walkman, a fm transmitter and lot of other stuff. Whenever Dad gifted me a Toy I made it a point that it is an electronic device. Well the Story Goes On n I grow up wid the inquisition in my mind. Suddenly I realized that I do luv a subject called Physics specially semiconductor devices which work on Holes and Electrons.Well a lot of things work on Holes but this Subject in specific was real fun, along the same timeline I realised I cud draw FlowCharts for rely complex Logic. I always admired the Box with Keyboard and Mouse. I designed the CKT of a buzzer in 8th and got the circuit made. I knew all the part of it except the relays(1st CKT Breakers of Ma Life). Then came the most confusing Era of My Life i.e. +2. Will it be Biology or Maths was The Question of My Life. I was biased to Biology but Physics and Maths ment Better and Smart Career. So then started The Next Question will it be CS or EC in my Engineering Career. And I opted my Bachpan ka Instinct. Took E&TC as My BTech Degree in Colg. Well that was a real Rosy Era and will tell You about it Later.I studied a lot of Physics and Electronics in My 1st Year. So it happened in My 3rd Semester that I wanted to do something out of the Blue Moon. I recently happened to hear of a term "Tech-Fest" which Technically means a Festival for Technical Guys. It is a platform where the Techqies Test their Expertise in all the Subjects. I made a Technical Paper on "Snake-Bots" for TechFest in BIT-Meshra, well that paper was a huge success and I got my first share of LimeLight in Colg. I started visiting Techfests more often. During the end of the 4th sem I studied a subject called LIC. The same Bachpan Ka Instinct came back. I decided to make an audio amplifier. 714 relly sucks in a sense it requires more components than the kinda output it gives. Any how I made a CKT and found it relly tough to give the required potentials so as a result I ended up making a amplifier which actually reduced the sound rather than amplifying. Well then Started the Digital Era. MuX and FlipFlop came into My Life. Combination of these two was real Amazin. You know whenever you light a LED it glows bt when it glows in an output of a MuX it has a different feel. It gives a sense of Control, a Power that You can Command Something to do according to your Wish. Well I started making CKTs and enjoying Different Results which were not Even in Books. Like How Many of You Knew that a LED(Light Emitting Diode) can be Used As a Diode, as a Matter of Fact It is Primarily A Diode that has has Photo Properties too. We all are so keen in Observing the Photo property of the Diode that we forget its Basics. So Observations like this helped me get an inside look into my Subjects. It was during this time I heard of something called Microcontoller. This thing was a real Dude had a Geeky Combination of Mux and Diodes along with RAM ROM and IO ports and sometimes a Timer. Well it was the same time I meet With A senior from My Colg in Techfest of IIT-KGP who had made a robot made for calcualting distance it travlled. It never gave the correct observation bt it relly Impressed Me. Now I seriously wanted to start using a UC. I had no idea where to get these kinda UC's. One of my very close friends Nilav Ghosh ( had got a few UC's from kolkatta during the same time. Now we needed a burner luckliy the same Senior had a burner for the UC. So we started wrtining small LED blinking codes and testing it. It was real fun writing codes and testing them but Programming UC was a real pain. So we thought of buying a UC programmer. Just then it struck our Laptop could act as a potential Programmer. I found out there were versions of UC's which could be programmed from our Laptop. All my friends were under impression that the UC's were unavailable in India. I had a friend in kolkatta who searched for the UC in kolkatta on my request. He sent me two UC's within a week and then we never had to go back to senior for programming a UC. We then started looking into small DC motors and TSOP sensors. It was the same time that few of us made a group, it was no decision it was just a mutual coherence that brought us together. And trust me we are still so together some unsaid rules do bond us always together.


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  1. It was a wonderfull experience to know the whole story of GUDDU.. U seriously ROCK.. I am sure u r admired by all ROBOTICS lovers..


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