Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life's Jst Started!!!

Heloo Evry1,
This is not a blog you should searching for peace nor any geeky contribution to world of Electronics. You should be searching here for yourself and finding small packets of happiness. That's what life is all about breaking up the whole life into quantum packets of happiness and enjoying every stage of life.
It's never late to start living yourself. Confused? Let me tell you something, we feel we know ourselves the best but do you know the best way to find yourself is leave yourself open. Get out of a relationship and spend days in solace. You find your self a serene moment that you had in your life that gave happiness to you and only you. You know life is as complex as you make it and as simple as you keep it.
I had many moments of happiness but only a few in which I was Happy. Its tough to explain its tough to make You Understand but It will be too easy for you to Feel it for Yourself.
Dont think you are happy cause all round you is happy. May be you are confused and think you are happy while you are not. Try and find the reason for your happiness. The day you find it you will slove so many mystries of your life in seconds. What you want to do in life? Whom would you like to b in a relation with? What kind of a parent you will be? The list is endless.
The best past is you will stop repenting in your life. Its rely never late to realise and trust me the day you realise you will happen to be the best person in the world to know what is Happiness.


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  1. U have known so much about the true aspects of life.. We all are proud of you..


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