Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bing : Does it make a Ring???

Well MS propitiatory search engine Bing is just an answer to the search monopoly Google has shared now for more than a decade. The front-end is innovative in the sense that it has a image in the background making it colorful however i did not personally find the image as impressive idea to attract people.

The successor to Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search i.e. Bing is more of a Google flavour. It has technically same facilities on the home page as Google only difference is that it seems more like a Desktop Search.

However it has some Really Stunning and Market Capturing features which makes it Outstand Google. It's the intelligent use of Snippets and trust me its not at all irritating as is expected from a snippet. In fact it might be really helpful in our era of internet where most of the search result is just unrequired dump materials.

Well Google has nothing to fear I suppose as a decade of faith it has generated in people wont get washed away only by the use of a Snippet. MS has to work hard to get on board with Google on search battle. As the news is Google is to come up with a totally new Front-end called Google Wave, consiting of Mail, News and Chating on the same page. Let's see what the Future Searching would look like.

Tushar Kanti


  1. Well I saw the early developed Google Wave presentation...It's amazing.

    Can't even visualize what would be the next revolution after this...!


  2. Dude! Bing Rocks....Will eat up Googs business.

  3. And Ladies N Gentlemen.. Those of you thought that Bing can make a Ring well there is some surprise for You all .. Google will release the official GOS in 2010. But guess what the Beta!!! version is already there @ this link http://www.thinkgos.com/gos/download.html
    So keep googling....


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