Friday, July 10, 2009

Chrome OS a causal Effect of Bing???

Look @ Future Of Desktops

So here is Google with it's Chrome OS as a more of Web User friendly OS. An expected but too quick a response to MS Bing. Or may I interpret it the other way round. Did MS knew about the OS launch and advance the release Bing. Well MS has done that a lot times nothing new about it. Whatever be the reason I'm really looking forward for the Chrome OS. Though I know it will be long before people accept changes, but we should not forget that before Google came up with the Search Engine none thought of it as a good field to invest resource and money. Thank God that Larry and Sergey didn't think of it this way. Where would we be without Google as we are today.
So now lets have a deep look what is Google promising in the new OS. Well it is a OS restructured around Linux and is for the people who spend most of their computing time on Web. It may be a hidden indication that much of development work which is based on MS platform will not be available and is quite understood. Well the Snapshots on the Header gives a look which not very far from present flavours of Linux available. The tough battle is not to give an amalgamation of existing OS but to make it run on the existing hardwares. Existing Linuxes available are still not able to run the desktops with existing hardwares. Trust me there are sleepless nights between installing and working on a Linux OS. Some of the variations have made commendable progress but still the job is not done as neatly as MS.
To be frank MS is prevalent only in developing countries, where civilians are computer literate in the manner that they how to switch it on and off and write a few docs and play games or surf on net. People get agitated when they bring a new hardware attach it to their comp and it doesn't get automatically installed. People don't have the literacy to install a driver on their own. They call up the support guy only to get a reply that they do not make drivers for open source. So people stick to MS where all they have to do is attach a device and start using it instantly. This has not been possible for MS also in a day it's been couple of decades and everyday a new patch is there to install. Bottom line is Google has to struggle a lot to impress people to use it's OS. But trust me proprietary race in the field of Software started by MicroSoft is going to end sooner or Later.
Well lets just wait and watch who wins the battle but 1 thing is for sure whatever happens it's the end user who will reap the benefit of a better OS. Keep Googling!!!


  1. Dude It will be hellaof time ere Google can take over Microsoft... lol

  2. Thoughtful post! but early to say whether it will dent Microsoft. From whatever ive read gOS is a makeover of the very popular UBUNTU. Ive loved this flavour of LinuX . M sure.

  3. Ya Dude.. I'm sure I have loved Ubuntu and Debian but the issue is there is standardization of these linux flavours available and GOS may be an answer to it. Making a dent is futuristic I know but trust me MS has started having nightmares.


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