Sunday, December 19, 2010


Life's been a misterious journey till now. I haven't yet figured out yet what I want from life. Most people waste the whole life doing something they rely hate. I am not in such a situation but sometimes I feel it's even worse. I like my job I like my life but there is a something which is missing. Importance? No that can't be it I have been important in a phase of my life but that's not it. Limelight? No I have been some how or the orther part of the limelight. Girlfriend? At first thought it sounds rely convincing but then I feel no it's not even that. Then what is it that I am searching for? There is no clue no hints no answers and everynite I am in bed I have the same question rolling in my head 'What is it that will make me happy?' and its driving me crazy of late. I tried to put my focus on my work but had no relief.I tried to keep my self over occupied with work but upto no help. I wana study electronics sometimes work on one of my robotics projects or build up something new in wireless communication. I know everyday I lose a day in my life and everynite ere I go to sleep I feel tomorrow will be the day when I find an answer. I am rely thankfull to the Almighty to bless me with such loving parents who have fulfilled all my wishes even though sometimes it was rely hard for them; such wonderfull friends who take care of me and keep my aura so happy. I am in hope that someday I will figure out the purpose of my life.


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