Thursday, January 13, 2011


I feel the need to find myself sometimes. It so happens that I react but just to show that I have some feelings. I feel the whole life I have been spending my life the way people want me to or the way situations insisted me to. I never dreamt what my life should be like. I think I need to find the reason why am I spending my life the way I am and if I do not find an answer I should start a new way to spend life. I need solace to think about myslef and my life. It is the purpose of my life to find the purpose of my life. It is the question that I should ask to myself but I guess I will have to wake from my dream. Dream of having a good life a good job a job person a good friend a good son. I do not know why did I always have to be good. But then I never decided the good way I was dictated to take the good path in everything. If I had an option to choose with free mind is it bad to take the bad side. Is it wrong to do a sin but then why would a sin be a sin if we had the previlage to decide which path to take.


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