Saturday, January 15, 2011

Social Network

Life in this digital era has changed a lot. There were days when we knew all about our society, our close friends even when there was just a landline as means of communication. Now we have endless means of communication by which we not only communicate we over communicate. We open up so much to the society. Earlier having a gf was a social staus which many were shy to disclose to any one else oder than friends. N now its just a relationship status. The digitization of everything has taken away the charm of having the relation. The fun behind takin a snap and keeping it fr a life time seems so aged. This was a thing that happened not more than 10 years ago. This decade has seen some very significant changes. Mobile commnucation boom and internet amalgamated with each oder was such a explosion. It made people go eccentric. There are phones designed to keep you updated to social netwrk. You click a pic and another click allows you to upload them to the social netwrk and then ur netwrk can see it, comment on it , tag on it and wt not. The image itself so viable that people can use them any way they want n no one to stop dem. I do not know if this is taking us some where or are we getting illuded to no where. Does this have a future. Yes it definitely has but then will this add to our future dats the question mark I will like to raise and answered.

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