Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gettin Over

I have tried so many times but still cant get past the things I am used to so easily. I am still lying in the hostel room where I began my college life, still glued to the laptop waitin for some one to come online. Still tryin to find out some thing new which will interest me. I dono how do they say get over it trust me I have tried to do it so many times with not one but series of things but it seems life has just stopped after college. I just want to go back to the class rooms now and attend the lectures I bunked. I miss my college days so much that I am forgetting to live my present. I know its tough to move on but some day or other I have to. I am still finding my way out of this phase of my life where I am still a college going guy. I know I am in this alone and have to get out of this mess alone. I wish I had some one to help me through this but I know its just me and me alone. This lonliness kills me every moment and everyday. I am getting used to this now. I have to get out of this fast before I get lost in this life cycle. I need to find me and realise that I need to move on in life. I forgive all who have hurt me. I wish all the success and happiness to all.


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