Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kolkata will be Calcutta

Things are changing fast in and round the globe. All are tyring to marvell in everything they know. Kolkata is not far from the truth and I have been able to judge this as I shifted from a very dynamic city so I could see things slowing down. I lived in Mumbai for around two years and thought I was born fr the city only to realise that one should have money to enjoy in Mumbai. Due to some family issues I had to move down to Kol. I had been in the project which was driven from mumbai and hence could feel the same amount of work load and people aorund me were astonished to see me work for inhuman number of hours. The project ended and I moved to an aoount which was driven from kolkata. Here I realised that people in Kolkata also believed in the statement 'Work is GOD!!!'. The only difference is that people here are less religious. People talk about escalations as soon as they enter the office and after a couple of mins they only talk about food and flats. People here asre so obsessed with Bengal and the people of Bengal even when they talk about Sachin he is compared with Ganguly. They cannot except any non-bengali doing something good in a field if there is a bengali nomination. Lunch and tea time is the time which they lesiure the most. People here in IT are not driven by knowlege but are driven by politics to an extent that is rely not imaginable. People here are chosen to work on project not by knowlege but by the amount of experience they have and the kinda contact they haev. They still want to go ahead of all in words but they talk about it so much they do not acutally have the time to implement it. Freshers joining the team miss the compition for a few days but later take this as a the system. They too join the gossip that goes around and forget the sole reason for their working in a dynamic industry. The view I have is related to IT itself but I think the other fields will not be an exception to it.


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