Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gana Bollywood Ishtyle

Well to start with I must say that I'm really proud to part this transition that happened over last two decades in bollywood. I can still feel the evergreen songs rining in my ears in the early mornin of sundays through rangoli and every wednesday through chitrahar. But then came a very slow period specially the late eightties and the early nineties. There were just songs made to rhyme and lacked the punch or the sweet essence. Some collections in this era also cannot be forgotten like Ashiqi. But then other than a seleted few the whole music was rely silent when there were no experiments with music. Then suddenly came a magician in music industry who single handedly changed the whole outlook of the music industry. And almost two decade after he entered people have shed all the fear and started to experiment with lyrics music and instruments. Now we have songs foucssed on geners and not family occassions. Recently lots of interesting n intiguing music have been released. Not all were like by every1 but then there are a lot of geners and people of diff segments like diff geners.The fussion work done with western and indian instruments have been producing phenomenal effect on the music. Its more interesting to hear a sitar rpgo when ur listening to a rock band. Since past 3 years there have been reality shows where performers are asked to prepare impromtu peace of there work and they have produced a realy awsm work I must say. Be it RockOn or CokeStudio this genere or music has touched the hearts of most of the people and they have greeted this genere really well. Kudos to music industry.. way to go..


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