Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dont Cross D Line..

There are moments in life when we know what we shud exactly do and we know what exactly not to do. But even this knowlege is of no help when ur soul is nt at peace. You knw that there are certain lines you shud never cross but then ur heart twists ur thoughts so easily you can barely understand your actions. If you can justify anything as right to urself all those actions are by judged by your mind but if you cannot then you know your heart is playing the role. Why do we have to listen to heart when we know that it leads to a wrong decision and it creates more problems than it solves. It creates more pain than peace and we knowing this fact still go for it's decision. It has never given the best decision to me and knowing this fact I still tend to take this path of pain. I cant explain the pain I feel but trust me its this pain that I miss so much. Even the slightest feel of this pain is far more intoxicating and exciting than any alcohol. A single thgt of sm1 is so contageous it makes you take decisions you wud have never thgt of taking.


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