Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scribbling my Mind..

I never thought that life will be the same again when I left colg. I never thought after being in relationships I would prefer having an arranged marriage. I never thought I will break up wid some one I love so much. Things in life are so unpredictable and thats the whole fun of it. The mistry makes it so much enjoyable in life and I have learnt to enjoy my life as it comes. Plannings should not be part of your life they shuld part of your thought process. One should not let some plan ruin your mood of spending life gracefully. There are times one will be dissappointed but then thats why we can enjoy some moments cause they donot happen so often. We should just believe in ourselves in situations which are unexpected.

I went to Trivandrum for a month as part of my ILP. Met so many of my friends there and had a paid holiday when I thought it will be a difficult part of the corporate journey. When I think about it now I feel things were so simple back then. I was still in a relation though I broke up like months ago and I rely dono how or why that happened. I was always in a party mood and always ready to go for some outing. Then I opted for my posting in Kolkata and no marks for guessing I got my posting in Mumbai. Its the most happening place one can imagine. You can be as bad or as good you want to, no one really cares what you think or what you do. You can roam the whole night and sleep the whole day. Matter of fact most people like to lead a nite life in mumbai. But irony is my life was not that good in mumbai. Had to face a lot of hardships in mumbai. This was the only time in my life when I did miss my friends so much and understood the real value of true friends. I had to stay alone with strangers for a very short time in mumbai but then those days were rely painful and I rely never forgot or forgave the person for the behaviour. I even made her feel eaxctly what I went through.

Lots of things happened one led to another. I happened to do some more robotics again. I happened to live with my colg frns in mumbai again. I luvd the rains in mumbai. Luvd the nariman point and the marine drive. Juhu beach and the malai gola in Juhu beach. I missed having a bike and a girl friend in mumbai. I worked rely hard while I was in mumbai. Got very good seniors who helped me to learn a lot of technical. Got rely good projects where I could learn and build a strong technical foundation.

Then suddenly something happend I started to have an urge to go to kolkata. I had a word with my manager and he gave me the opportunity to go to kolkata. But managers are managers. He landed me in a project where the clients were very stringent lot of work and very small time lines. I lost my sanity working more than 14hrs a day like an insane. But soon the project ended and I was a free bird. Den started the Gala Time in Kolkata. Trips, Beaches, Weekend Parties and non-stop fun. Gained like hell and had very frequent trips to home. But then again life started getting humdrum. I started to search for opportunities and its was rely long and I got no interview calls. Then I decided why not a new location for some time. I will get new opportunities and it will be a good change before I settle down. I distributed my cv to my friends and finally started gettings lot of calls. Faced a few inteviews and here I am with my new job ready to leave for Bangaluru. I hope this will be a good change. But lets live life as it comes after all there is no meaning of good moments unless you have some harsh times.


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