Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Reality Bites by Anurag Anand
The author has taken us in flash back where he just joined DCE and shared the news that the girl of his life also joined the same. He then takes us to a flash back to his school life detailing how he ended up with the girl of his life 'Swati'. I know that name keeps comming up in my life so often but about that later. The story is a roller coster where the protagonist 'Atul' plays role of a friend, lover, son and student. The charectors were well selected and well exploited in all the plots. The charector of Bangali Baba 'Anirban' does remind me of my friend 'Happy'. The story can be related to our own school and college life. Specially the late night talks to girfrns or trips to resturant. Language is simple but crisp. I enjoyed the journey of Reality Bites.
Review: 6th September, 2011.

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