Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whole life revolves around one crazy dream

I think a lot of times if only I can go back in time I can fix a lot of things in my life. But suddenly I realised today that it would not been so much fun if things were always right in life. The whole thrill of future would be gone. Suddenly I realised I have spent only one fourth of my life. I still have 3/4th of it to come and so may crazy things I still have left to do in life. I have never repented in my life that I did have a chance and missed to do it. I think its time now to do all I want and read all I can. There have been so many genius on this earth sharing their hard work with us not for us to go through once and appritiate the work they have done. They wanted us to utilize the research and go ahead in life and make new landmarks in our human history. I think its time to do all the crazy stuff I always have fantasized for. I know somethings were holding me back from moving ahead in life and I guess they always will but today I have understood that these emotions will still be the same whenever I look back in my history. But I want to utilize this present to do some amazing things that I am capable of doing. Thanks to all family and all my friends who have always taken such good care of me.


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