Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life in Blore

Its been sometime I have been in blore. I must say the weather here is really catching all my attention. It seems that even 27-28 degree is hot after being in here for a couple of months. I went to Nandi Hills after a night out with frns. I went to a couple of well known pubs anf food joints. Started cooking on a regualr basis and going to gym occassionally. Things were changing and I started feeling that I would like to settle here for some time I suddenly got some opportunity to get back to city of Joy. I don't know exactly but it somehow seems to me that my presence in every place for that duration of time is fixed. I have no reasons or may be getting pshyced staying single but something inside me wants to go back to Kolkata. I want to be close to my parents and my family. There have been a lot of bad and good phases that I have in my life. But life it seems has a lot more of exercise tasks than I did expect. Whenever I feel I have had enough it tells me and makes me realise that I am a negligible part of the endless and huge world. My problems are so minor compared to issues prevailing presently in my surroundings.

My learning cycle has grown a lot, have been able to contribute and imbibe a lot of things from my work culture. I have grown a lot on basics and have definitely gained a lot of confidence. The primary reason for this is that I have been handling a lot of things on my own. I get a lot of time so try to put down my work on web and this gives me a lot of confidence. This is a good journey so far and I am enjoying my personal and proffesional life in blore. But like I said I dono why I am getting inclined to go back to Kolkata. I am not sure if I am ready for any other change. But the thought of it didnt give me goose pimples.


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