Saturday, September 17, 2011

beginnin of a new phase in blore..

My life's been more of a travell since I left my home town. Been in kota for a year where I went to prep my myself for the forth commin entrance exams. Went from there to bhubaneshwar for my engineering and an awsm colg life. Then to mumbai where I began my career. Then to kolkata and now in Bengaluru. I have made friends where ever I went and the matter of fact I have a rely big circle of friends. I am in bangalore since a month now and have made some new friends here too. Life's been surprising me and inspiring me always to achieve something new something I have ever dreamt about. I met my school friends here after long. People change with time but when you are with your old friends you want to be transported to the time when you were together. There is always a weakness with school friends cause those were friends you made when you were the least adultrated. It has been real fun till now in bangalore and hope that I will be having a great time ahead. Missing some part of my life in bbsr, mum, kol and bksc. But then that's the fun you get to know what you like the most and what you want from life. It's all about experimenting yourself with new things and about finding more about yourself.


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