Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something is missing

Something is missing today from my life. I feel the urge to speak about it but have no one to speak to. I am surrounded by so many people and yet I dont trust any one of them to speak about me so freely. It might sound a bit hypocritic but arent we all in someway wearing a visage infront of all which opens up only infront of selected few. Well I think its the fear of getting back stabbed that makes us do so ore react in this manner. Well there has been a lot of changes in my life very recently and I tend to think that what I was comfortable with in the past is not the same now. I now have a different definition of comfort and luxury. I think my life is prefect now I am financially balanced for the 1st time in my life this has happened though. I ment my work like here. I think I am all set to settle down and nothing is stopping me from doing so expect one thing and I am afraid I wont be able to discuss that one thing with any one. Cause the one I have lost all communication with the person I want to talk to. I dono if its just me who feels this way and every one else feel that is the the right thing to happpen. I have no reason to be unhappy yet I am gloomy and I rely hate that part of my life. I was so happy in life a few moments ago. By moments I ment time in school till I reached colg. I was so happy to get all the freedom and njoy a sip of beer and a fag would give all the happiness. I think life will get simpler if I think of it that way but then I rely missed being luved and cared by someone special. Is this something that was ment to happen or I just stumbled into it. I dono how can people be so insensitive to things like things I mean they also went through the same things when they were our age. I think will take off now manager is hosting a meeting for migration.


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