Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will History Repeat?

There was a moment a couple of years ago when google chrome os was being imagined to be shipped with every hardware and MS was thought to be vanished in a couple of years from the industry. Right then MS came up with Win7 and trust me I cudnt see and of that Google or Chrome OS any where expect in Sandoxes. Well from last two years I will say there have been a lot of Droid's comming up in market from low end to hi-end and I am also amazed by the performace when compared to slow symbi^an devices. And most of my friends saying "Droid Better"; just like caption from Iron Man. Nokia did't join the rat race with other droid's but prefered to work with MS. This decision was really an important one as soon there will be a time not far from now when the thin line between cell phones and laptops will be washed away. Soon we will use not two but one device. The thin line will eventually dissappear when we can work on our phone as if it were our laptop and it will happen only when we can see everything on our mobile phone that we have in our laptop but this transition will be really easy when we use the same os in both the devices.

Google Droid OS is gud but is still in inception and it will be gud to work on it and I appritiate it but can you rely on it? Do you believe that you will be ready to part with your laptop when you have a Droid in your hand. Well my answer will be a definite NO. Matter of fact most of us will. Change is important in life just like evolution but then we need to believe in what we are doing. Google OS was good and so is Droid but its gud for a mood change not for a lifetime. Soon MS and Nokia tie up will show the way to a new era of Mobile communication. But yes things are happening at a much faster pace on this earth courtesy GooGle.


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