Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hav to do somthin new

Its been some time in bangalore and I am liking it I must say. Life's got a lot diciplined and am doing good @work. Things are moving in the right direction for me but then again with the same stale thought that there is nothing new happening in life. I feel that there must be some one I should talk to about my being alive. I feel that I have become puppet of my fate and that I am being controlled by some unknown force that is making me do all this. I have to do a lot of things in life but not the way its happening. I wana take a break and go to some place else, some where serene where its only me and my family. No jobs no work no tension where dere is peace and all we do is make each other happy, show gratitude and make each other feel special in the every moment we live. May be these thoughts have started to come in my mind cause I am spending a lot of time with me and only me. I need to do a lot of things in life and that too at a very great pace but I fear I dont have my lady luck to help me in this for sure. I try to focus on work so that I dont have to focus on anything else. But is that not the right thing to do. I think I will take sometime to come back in life. And this time I wana come back with a bang so that I can say that I what I did was the right thing in life. Life has become a lot meaning less than it used to be when I was @home. @ dat time life ment to be chiken chilly, chiken roll and a sip of bear. A puff of ciggarete to boast of amonst frns and a bike to impress chiks. I just wish life is again that simple. Why did a person have to fall in luv with some one. Why one has to feel the vaccum that is created when one person leaves and why do we have to bear pain of the separation. Why feel that pinch every moment when ever you remember the person who is not there and will not there in your life but then you never loose the hope. Some do start living with the fact that this is part of their life. Some are brave enough to take this to a different level and work things out. Some just run away from every situation and then think every thing will be fixed with time and eventually are the biggest loosers in life.


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