Friday, October 12, 2012

New Phase

This is a new phase of my life with an eclectic mix of all emotions that I could have possibly imagined. It's been some 4 months I moved from Blore to Kol and there have been drastic changes in my life. I have been enjoying my college life again it seems with colg buddies in the same office it's always fun working with endless lunches and dinners and not to forget the scheduled tea-breaks. I always dreamt of having a small flat of my own and by God's grace and well wishers luck I do own a flat now of my own. I am rely thankful to God for giving me such a happening life with happniess everywhere. I also shared the limelight qoutient which I was missing since sometime. I got an opportunity to share stage with some of my close friends and great artists. It rely felt special to be on stage after so long and I must admit there was a lot of hardwork envolved.

I do feel a little out of control of my life things are happening which are beyond my control but control itself is confusing. There is always a bigger control controlling your actions. So I don't fear that control part any more.


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