Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Future is here or is it still to come.

Hi Friends,
We belong to the era that witnessed desktop without multimedia with a HDD of 4GB and a processor of 100's of MHz. The only mobile storage used to be floppy disk which was also a  priced possesion. From there we saw pagers comming into the market and then it was like THE thing to carry a mobile in your pocket. But that phased out like a blink of eyelash and Mobiles entered the market. People were crazy for devices which were able to work without wire. Before we knew we started working on Laptops which were powerfull than our ansestoral desktops with full multimedia integration. Slowly we entered into a era of TOUCH devices. It started from PDA's but it didn't restrict to that. Thanks to Apple Inc. that we now can't imagine our world without a touch. Things are moving so fast and so user centric that we cannot image what it would be like the very next day. Mobile screens getting bigger and laptop screens getting smaller we have now some devices which are in between the laptops and mobile phone. Not to mention there are smart phones already present to make your laptop feel ashamed.

We have seen so much in the last two decades it impossible to rethink our future without what has happened. But what's next now? Well some things are definite that Mobile OS rush will end within a couple of years. It will be the same market as is with our laptops now. We will buy just the hardware from a Mobile Vendor and choose our OS and Netwrk partner. Well the days to come will not only witness some better touch but also gestures and voice driven tasks. We have to wait to witness what is in future but I can now say that future can be decided with what we can imagine. Its the imagination that limits us and our future. If we can think whats beyond we can definitely re-shape our future.

Tushar Kanti

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