Monday, December 25, 2017

Slowness Syndrome

Have you ever felt the need to fuel the jet??  Do you know what it feels like to drive at 40kmph when you have witnessed 180kmph? That should give you a taste of what it feels like when you need to brake and slow down in pressure of society. Well this is what one can feel a lot of times. People here don't wana walk they just wana stroll and trust me when you wana run they will pull you back. Be it back bitching be it hideous politics oh yes sir they are bound to these abilities you won't find any where. Why can't people go fast and ahead and why can't they let go of their laid back attitude. People who should have been friendly and homely have grown wild and try to make people uneasy and unhappy and it's a shame they find happiness in that. I feel a lot suffocated but have to put on a visage so that all feel I am gelled in. 

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