Monday, December 25, 2017

The IDream

Since 2008 Apple announced the amazing range of products be it IPod Touch or IPhone or Macbook. I always wanted to lay my hands on one of those. There were times I was envious of the people owning them as they returned from onsite(oh let's not go into the details of meritocracy for the same). I finally decided to have one. The Macbook air can still be explained as because of the  products they have for creativity which is some how shunned in windows but most importantly the feel of having a Macbook is far more awesome.
Also got a IPhone to add flavor to the fun and trust me it is much more hyped that for real. Sure the firm factor and the mental satisfaction you have is unparalleled but other than that it is just a phone. When we have so many good build phones coming in less than half of the price value it is definitely a major waste of money. But yes after using it for a couple of months given a chance I will not be willing to go back to Android and Hell Never to Windows phones. But most the credit to this shift of phone is to Nokia for not doing what was required in time.  

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