Sunday, February 20, 2011

City Of Joy!!!

It's been some time that I moved to Kolkata the City of Joy. These few months have been a hell of an experince for me both emptionally and career too. Both flying in opposite directions. I did enjoy the company of some of my rely good friends who were with me when I rely needed them. They adviced me on any decision I was not sure of and helped me sail through rely tough hail storms I must say. The last few months I had been rely engrossed in office work. I was sick working on the boring project with half information and slogging in an inhuman way just to get some good ccr. But then one fine day I decided this is so not the purpose of my job. Job is where you do something rely creative where you add values not where you just keep on working without knowing what is the purpose of your work.
This journey of few months have a rely high ups and downs. Initially when I came to Kolkata I used to work for more than 14 hours on an average including weekends. I didnt have any vehicle to commute with. I used to be in office by 10 o clock and used to leave well past midnite. When I came out of office there was a long queue for the nite cab which I could not with stand. After working for so long you have to stand in queue for your office to arrange a vehicle to home. It seemed as if I am working in a BPO. I didnt ever take a cab home. I hated the idea that I had to enroll for something on an online portal and then stand in queue for availing the facility. It seemed so gross. So had to take a taxi if I was lucky enough or if it was a bad day then had to take a cycle rickshaw back home. The battle didnt end here. After college I went to mumbai for the job and was in a habbit of sleeping around 4 o clock in the morning. When I used to enter home at 1 o clock in the nite I used to see my roomates wide awake greeting me while I entered. But things were prettly different here when I used to enter the room at 1 o clock there was complete darkness in the house. Every one except Happy dozzed off at around 11 o clock which is not even the normal hours of sleeping according to me. Not only did it end here I had to freshen up and then switched on the kicthen lights heat up the food and then had a dinner alone watching something in the laptop. This was rely suffocating when I didnt have any one to speak up excluding Happy. Happy also struggled between me and his girl friend. Most of the times he used to parallely conversate with me. This continued till rely long when suddenly my friends Happy and Debu took me for an outing to Mandar Moni. Oh what a trip it was. I was rejuviniated and could start again with a lot of positive energy. Then luckily one thing led to another and then I was relesed from the project. And here I am today sitting back and thinking of the time when I reached Kolkata which was real mess and today totally relaxed taking control of my life.


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