Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving ON

Yes. It took me some time a lot of patience and then a bit of luck to move on. But now I can forget my past and think about my future. Met up friends from college after long time and had a great time with them. After spending two days with them suddenly felt I no longer had that urge to stay back in those days. I want to look for a different future now. I want to do something new with lot of energy and passion. I think luck will also support me today. I have been waiting for this Move On to happen for 3 years in row now. I was suffocating inside with this relationship break up. Every moment I missed the presence and there was no one with me to share the pain. It so happened that it affected me very drastically. My creativity my will to study my outlook everything was changed and evrything was at a halt. Nothing moved not even a moment. My mind was still lying on desk of the college where we used to sit together. I dont no why did I not Move On then and wasted 3 years of my precious time for some one who is not even close to my worth. I know people take time to get out of things and more than time its the right moment and guidance. You should never meet your ex when they are single it rekndles a lot of false trust and belief that one should not have and is really very dangerous for a person.

I am ready now for the battle called Life. I will fight back as I used to and cope with every problem that comes in my way. I know this was not at all expected that I will be able to for go my ex and try and think about any thing else in life. But then I guess some day I might have done some thing that helped me out here.


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