Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Believe

This is the era of digitization of not only social status and relationships but the whole life. This generation of ours has been very lucky. Born in a time when companies like apple started and made computers and hence digitization available to public and then there was no looking back. When we were in adolescence Google came into existance. When we were graduating it was Facebook and Twitter. Well rely what a journey it has been for mankind. But then this should not stop this should be just the begining. I mean thats the role evolution plays and for that to happen some one has to think in a way different than what all are thinking. What I intend to say here is if Steve Jobs didnt think different then Apple would only be name of a fruit. Google would have been a spelling mistake if Larry Page didnot think different. There are people who will follow, they have been there through ages and they are the people who witness the evolution. They are the people who are mesmeried by the change and become a part of it. But then there are people of the other part of the planet who do not want to be part of the change. They think different and they are not satisfied with what they have. They want to give a new meaning to their life. Mark Zukerberg thought of something different before people could think of. Guess what he amalgamted all the social networks existing into a single portal. Facebook is the next best thing that people had in this decade after Google. But do you want to be content with this? Will this be the end of everything? Should we drown ourselves into these things so much so that we never think of moving ahead with something different? I dont think so and I know this wont happen. But what will be our contribution to the next best thing to be evovled. I seriously dont know what will that be and I seriously dont know what my contribution will be. But then I have taken a step in a direction. I have taken a decision to stop following to stop getting mesemrized. I dont know if this is the right or not but then I have taken a step. I have made my mind cause I believe that I want to contribute something and leave my mark in the history.



  1. Very well crafted...hope u make a mark someday...

  2. Nice way to portray your thought.. was powerful enough and to an extent motivational.
    Ok so the immediate contradiction to the context would be that you are using blogging to express your thoughts, which is again an "Element of cliche" as per your theory.
    To contradict an existing logic is easy. But to follow it and still find a way out of it to make your own is an art.
    Quitting obvious does not make any statement but only proves the the person is oblivious of the fact that, if we really need to make everything of our own , we wld need to start from Stone Age again.
    Technology is a boon and a pain. Here only the smart knows how to get the milk and skip the water ... ;)
    .. Debajeet..


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